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About ME

About Richard


I have lived in Earl Shilton for more than 20 years, having grown up in Desford, and during that time I have been involved in many aspects of life in the Town.   


I was heavily involved in the Earl Shilton Action Group that fought to prevent the Dalebrook Farm Gypsy & Traveller site, I served 7 years as a governor at the William Bradford Community College to the time it changed to an Academy, I was a trustee and director of the Hilltop community internet radio station, I was proud to help the organisers of the Barwell SUE referendum, I am Secretary of the Earl Shilton Alderman Newton Foundation and have just been elected as a trustee of The Earl Shilton Charity.   


I am a member of Earl Shilton Town Council and since 2011, I have served Earl Shilton as your Borough Councillor.


I live and breathe Earl Shilton and will fight for what residents want at Leicestershire County Council.



Barwell and Earl Shilton have faced many challenges over the last few years, with changes to our schools, workplaces and care facilities – not to forget development!

I have been fighting to ensure that developers make fair contributions to our communities, and will continue to do so.


I have fought to ensure that your views on contentious issues are heard and will continue to do so – even when it feels as if everyone else has given up.


I have argued for schemes to make life in our communities better and will continue to do so.

One of the biggest challenges that the County Council has faced is making the books balance, whilst still providing the services that we demand and deserve.


If you elect me as your County Councillor in May 2021, I will fight tooth and nail to ensure that we all receive the roads, schools, care and community facilities we need and want.